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We have partnered with Domino's for an exciting fundraiser. This one gives so much back right away! WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? WE WANT TO REDUCE THE COST TO TRAVEL AND PLAY IN 2020!


The process is simple:

  1. Just get an order form
  2. Get friends and family to sign up to receive a Domino's card
  3. Turn in the money  to receive the ordered cards


Domino's Cards

  • Looks like a credit card and has a special code.
  • The card is good for use as much as you want until June 2020.
  • Everytime they buy a Dominos with the card code they get one free. Buy 10 pizzas, get 10 pizzas free! No limit!
  • 40% of the proceeds go back to LCC, specifically to the player and your team!
  • Every player that sales at least 12 gets a customized T Shirt
  • LCC will pitch in an additional $300 toward any coach/team that has more than 30 cards purchased combined!
  • Dates: 9/5/19 - 9/20/19
  • Cards will be sent to us from Domino's by 9/23

Printable order forms to get started will be available below. Get started!

7th grade girls celebrate 4 championships for 2019. Congrats!

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