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Breleigh Signs with Trinity International University

College basketball for young women is changing. College coaches are demanding more skills from athletes and the ability to shine among others is becoming near impossible for most. Putting in the work just get on a Division 3 roster is no longer a given. The NAIA division offering athletic scholarships is becoming a place for even less the few that dare to be special.  Breleigh Gula (aka Bri) just signed with Trinity International to play basketball for four years. Her journey started years ago when she was viewed a player with potential, but not special. Flash forward 5 years later and you would amazed at the transformation. She trained more than 4 days a week for 2 year straight, traveled the Midwest in the summer and while others were taking a break Bri was training again. Sure, you can say she isn't the best, but says that anyway? What we can say is that Bri is moving onto college and she was good enough to get significant money towards her college education based on the opinions of collegiate coaches.


By the time this announcement is made even Bri will be surprised that she is just 6 rebounds away from the all time record set by Brittney Thibeaux in 2015. Bri with 804 rebounds and Brittney clocking 810. Funny thing is that some of the athletes made appears in games as a senior just a break a record. We all remember when Jasmine showed up to a game to take the all time scoring record from Morgan Jahnke. It was a magical moment. We will see what the future holds.


For now please join LCC, Warren Township high school and Trinity International University in congratulating Breleigh Gula on signing day!


Winter Season Details

The winter season is already among us. For those who want to end the year with a couple more training sessions before the feeder season is in full swing, the Winter is for you!


Winter Training Session 1 December 3
Winter Training Session 2 December 10
Winter Shootout December 16
Christmas Showcase December 23


We have two intense training sessions approaching and two final shoot outs. Check with your coach for details or email for questions.

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